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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Southend on Sea Borough Council Response Regarding Historic Environment

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council 
Department for Place Director of Planning and Transport — Peter Geraghty 
Our ref: DoPT/003 

11th January 2017 

Mr Adrian Corder-Birch 
The Essex Society for Archaeology & History

Dear Mr Corder-Birch 

Southend Historic Environment Record and Protection of Southend's Heritage 

Thank you for your letter dated 7th November 2016. 

The Council is aware of the Boroughs finite heritage resource both above and below ground and the requirement in the NPPF to maintain an up to date and publicly accessible Historic Environment Record (HER). The Southend HER is currently held at the museum with direct access also available to the Planning Officers through the database itself and through the GIS system. At present, over 500 sites are recorded in the HER. Where a site is close to an existing HER record or where it is considered to be located in an archaeologically sensitive location the Planning Department liaise with the Museum service regarding the appropriate response in terms of planning conditions. This has happened for a number of sites recently and is on-going. 

The HER is not yet online but it is publicly available at the Museum and many searches are undertaken each year. Requests are processed by the Council's Archaeology Curator at Southend Museum. Contact details for search requests can be found on the Heritage Gateway Website, below and on the Council's website.

Southend also benefits from an up-to-date historic environment policy as set out in the recently adopted Development Management Document, Policy DM5 'Southend-on-Sea's Historic Environment'. This policy seeks to protect all heritage designations including known and potential areas of archaeological interest. All applications where there are issues relating to historic or archaeological interest are considered against the Policy and the advice in the NPPF. 

Yours sincerely


Civic Centre : Victoria Avenue : Southend-on-Sea : Essex SS2 6ER 
Customer Service Centre . 01702 215000 

Essex County Council Response Regarding Historic Environment

Essex County Council 
Cabinet Office 
PO Box 11 
County Hall 
Chelmsford Essex CM1 1LX 

Mr Adrian Corder-Birch D.L. 
President, Essex Society for Archaeology and History 

21 December 2016

Dear Mr Corder-Birch, 

Thank you for your letter dated 15th November and for the copy of The Archaeology of Essex: proceedings of the Chelmsford Conference, which I enjoyed reading. You may be aware that earlier this year our Place Services team ran a one-day conference at Audley End on 'Capability Brown in Essex', in celebration of the 300th anniversary of the birth of Lancelot 'Capability' Brown that one of your members Michael Leach contributed a talk to, and which was well received. We hope that there will be future such opportunities for ECC and the Essex Society for Archaeology and History to co-operate on the understanding and promotion of the county's historic environment. 

In relation to your query about Essex County Council's financial support of Place Services, for the Historic Environment Record, and their specialist advice, I can confirm that as a traded service, a number of teams within the County Council 'buy' the specialist services provided by Place Services via Service Level Agreements, and on a project by project basis. These include, but are not limited to, our Minerals and Waster Planners, Essex Highways, Floods and SuDS, and Essex Properties and Facilities. Some of the income generated by this activity is then used to support the maintenance of the Historic Environment Record. 

We are encouraged that you see the benefits of a more integrated approach to the management of the natural and historic environment that have come from the creation of Place Services, and can confirm that we are already seeing positive results from this. For example, the team has instigated a system of 'single responses' to internal planning consultations, such that conflicting issues between our different specialist advisors are resolved wherever possible prior to a response being sent back to ECC planners. This helps to save both time and money, and supports our planners in ensuring that development in the County is truly sustainable. 

With regards to your query about the NPPF (paragraph 126) requirement for local planning authorities to have in place a 'strategy for the positive conservation and enjoyment of the historic environment', I can confirm that the Place Services team feeds into strategic planning policy, including in the development of Local Plans, for both Essex County Council (e.g. the Essex Minerals Plan) and our local planning authority partners in Essex to help ensure positive planning for the historic environment of the county. 

I hope the above information helps to answer your queries and I would very happy to discuss these issues with you should you so wish. 

Yours Sincerely, 

Cllr Simon Walsh Cabinet Member for Environment and Waste Essex County Council 

cc. Cllr. John Spence, Cabinet Member for Finance Housing and Planning air David Finch, Leader, Essex County Council 

Essex Record Office: Correspondence Regarding Future Funding

Council is the lead Committee of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History.  On the agenda this Saturday is a proposal for self-financing of the Essex Record Office by the County Council.  Read the correspondence to date by following this link: 

Haven House Legacy Open Day: Saturday 18 February 2017

Haven House Children's Hospice, in Woodford Green, is holding a Legacy Open Day on 18 February 2017. The Essex Society for Archaeology and History has been sent some information with a link to the actual event. It is a free event and hosted by a local historian.

Haven House Children's Hospice holds a fascinating history dating back to 1926. Please come along or share this event which will be hosted by local historian, Georgina Green. The talk will include the story surrounding The White House and our wonderful grounds. Book your free place at this link

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Lost Landscapes. Reconstructing Medieval Essex. Essex Record Office: 18 March 2017

ESAH160: Lost Landscapes. Reconstructing Medieval Essex. Es...: The Essex Record Office in partnership with the Essex Place Names Project and the Essex Society for Archaeology and History present a co...

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Essex Journal. Autumn 2016. (Vol. 51. No. 2)

Following the absorption of the Essex Archaeological and Historical Congress into the Essex Society for Archaeology and History, the latter became owner of the title of the Essex Journal, and the Essex Review. So it is with pleasure that we announce, if belatedly, the content of the latest edition.
Editorial ... 47
Essex Archaeological and Historical Congress ... 48
News from the Essex Record Office ... 49
Hervey Benham Charitable Trust: the living legacy ... 50
The Origins and Early History of Southend: Ken Crowe ... 51
Thomas Hooker at Chelmsford, Essex, 1625-1631: Robert Charles Anderson ... 62
'The great progress of the place in modern times': the Chelmsford Planning Survey and the High Chelmer Development, 1945-73: James Bettley ... 72
Obituary, William Landels Wild (1936-2016) ... 85
Book Reviews ... 86
EJ 20 Questions? Robert Charles Anderson ... 90

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Newsletter (Winter 2016)

Many members of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History will have today, Christmas Eve, received more holiday reading: Newsletter #180 (Winter 2016).  It has been quite a year for the Society with the absorption of the Essex Congress and a new website in preparation to be launched early in 2017. Items in this edition include:
- From the President
- Anniversaries
- The Morant Dinner and the Morant Lecture: about Revd. Philip Morant
- Reprint of the Letter to Members of Congress
- The Planning System
- DIY in the Seventeenth Century
- Looking to the future of a self-financing Essex Record Office
- Harlow Roman Temple Digitisation Project
- Nathaniel Salmon (1675-1742)
- Archaeology in the Dark
- Galant Glenway
- Expenses of Heybridge Captain in 1622
- The Fambridge Ferry over the Crouch
- An Excavated Basket Weaver in Bradwell-on-Sea
- Zeppelins' Centenary Commemoration
- St Osyth Planning Application Update
- What was John Booth's Source?
- The Society Archives: An Online Presence
- New Books of Essex Interest
- Readers Letters
- Book Reviews
- Christmas Publisher Offers

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Historic Environment: Response from Castle Point Borough Council

Regeneration & Neighbourhoods 
Castle Point Borough Council Council Offices, 
Kiln Road, Thundersley, Benfleet, Essex SS7 1TF  

Adrian Corder-Birch, D.L. 
The Essex Society for Archaeology & History  

Date: 16th December 2016 

Dear Mr Corder-Birch, 


Thank you for your further letter of 11th November 2016 regarding the planning process and historic environment in Castle Point. I am pleased to learn that you acknowledge that there are effective procedures in place to consider historic environment issues. 

May I also reassure you that planning records relating to the historic environment are published and readily available and that planning officers are also able to call on specialist advice in appropriate cases, as and when necessary. 

Thank you for your continued interest in the historic environment of the Borough. 

Yours sincerely,  

Steve Rogers 
Head of Regeneration & Neighbourhoods 

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Essex Record Office Self financing? A Response from the Leader of Essex County Council

Essex County Council 
Leader's Office 
PO Box 11, 
County Hall 
Chelmsford Essex CM1 1LX 

Mr A. Corder Birch 
President, Essex Society for Archaeology and History 

1 December 2016

Dear Adrian 


Thank you for your letter regarding the financial challenges facing Essex Record Office (ERO). Let me say at the outset how much I value the interest of the ESAH on this issue and indeed the contribution you make across the County. 

At Essex County Council we remain determined to provide the best value for money to our tax payers. This means the provision of outstanding services within ever tighter cost constraints. I am sure you appreciate that the public sector is having to operate in an increasingly challenging financial climate and is having to make difficult choices as to how limited funding is used. Non tax revenue is increasingly important in balancing the equation and it does seem right that customers should pay for services where they can afford to do so. 

Accordingly, we are looking at many aspects of our operations to assess what revenue may reasonably be earned. ERO provide a wide range of services which are valued by those who consume them. It is entirely reasonable that we should set the goal of attracting revenues which fully cover the marginal cost of those services. But let us be clear — this will only be sustainable if we are providing services which are attractive to as many people as possible and which meet their needs. Achievement of a break even position purely through diminution of service will be at odds to our value for money criteria. 

You ask a series of detailed questions about income and costs. Our officers are currently developing the business plans which will enable the achievement of our aims over the coming years. The current trading deficit, even ignoring the cost of the building is approaching £0.5m. Please be assured that we will not ask our staff to perform the impossible; the eventual business plan will need to be realistic and they will be supported in their efforts. 

I wish you well for your council meeting in January. While we would not wish to publish detailed business plans, once they are developed (which will be towards the end of this financial year) I know that the Portfolio Holder for Heritage Culture & Arts, Cllr John Spence and/or our senior officers will be happy to meet with you and talk matters through. 

Kind regards. 

Yours sincerely 
Councillor David Finch 
Leader of the Council 

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Historical Association. Essex Branch. Saturday 3 December 2016

The Myth of the ‘Opium Plague’ in Late Imperial China
The Essex branch of the Historical Association will be holding a talk on 3rd December 2016 at 2.30pm in Trinity Methodist Church, Rainsford Road, Chelmsford, CM1 2XB on the Myth of the ‘Opium Plague’ in Late Imperial China. We are pleased to welcome Dr Xun Zhou of the Department of History, Essex University. She is a respected historian of the People’s Republic of China, whose recent works include: The Great Famine in China, 1958-1962: a Documentary History (2012)and Forgotten Voices: Mao’s Great Famine, 1958-1961: an oral history (2014). In this talk she will show that opium was a banal substance prior to the Anglo Chinese War in the 1840s. People in China smoked or used the substance for a variety of cultural, social and medicinal purposes. The prohibition in the late 19th and early 20th century contributed to social exclusion, driving opium consumption down the social ladder as it was criminalised. It was government policies purporting to contain opiates that actually created a 'drug problem’. Visitors and prospective members welcome. . For further details find us on the internet at and

Friday, 25 November 2016

Self-financing Essex Record Office? The President writes to Essex County Council

The Essex Society for Archaeology & History 

Cllr. David Finch, Leader, 
Essex County Council, 
County Hall, 

16th November 2016. 

Dear David, 

Many of our members have read with interest the following report by Stephen Dixon, Archive Service Manager at the Essex Record Office (ERO), in the autumn issue of the Newsletter of the Friends of Historic Essex: 

'We are credited with achieving an extra £100,000 income in the first year of the implementation stage of our business case but this year's target is much higher and we now know we are to become self-financing by about 2020' 

The Essex Society for Archaeology and History (ESAH) of which I am President, represents many users of the ERO who will be interested in hearing from ECC about what plans are in place to become 'self-financing', a position that I suspect other County Record Offices have not attempted. 

Following on from the reduction in opening hours that took place in the last few years, the local and family history community are naturally interested in what future plans there are for the ERO and any further restrictions on access to non-digitised historic archive material. Your 'business case' will be of interest at our next ESAH Council Meeting in January 2017, when this matter will be discussed. 

Initial questions that spring to mind are: 1. Current running costs 2. Current income 3. What was this year's (2016-2017) target and what is now the new target? What has changed? 4. Plans and implications on the service for how to achieve this year's target? 5. Projected 2020 running costs and plans for how to become self- financing 6. Implications on the service of the current and future income targets (for example, current and projected staffing levels and opening hours) 7. Will there be an opportunity for public consultation on plans? I look forward to receiving your detailed reply to the questions raised in this letter together with a copy of the business plan please. Thank you. 

Yours sincerely,

Adrian Corder-Birch, President, Essex Society for Archaeology and History 

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Blackmore Post Office End of Era

Thursday 24 November 2016 is a sad day for local historians in Blackmore, as it marks the final day of trading at Blackmore Post Office which opened in 1888, and has above its door ‘JHA 1888’ where this is John Henry Arthy the first postmaster on the premises.  John Henry Arthy is recorded a churchwarden of the Parish Church and has his name inscribed on a bell recast in 1901.

Times change.  The Post Office moves to the local Cooperative Store on the following day.

Members of the Essex Society for Archaeology and History might be interested to know that all the books sold from the Online Shop have been posted from there.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Essex Archaeology and History News: Contents #89-130 (4) T-Z

Tendring, Hill Farm … 126.16, 128.15
Thames Water Authority Pipeline … 105.12
Thaxted, A Roman Lamp from … 113.10
Thaxted, Goddards Farm … 116.12
Thaxted, rear of 23 Town Street … 115.12
Thaxted, rear of 34 Town Street … 126.16
Thaxted, Weaverhead Lane … 118.16
Thorndon Country Park … 114.4
Thorndon Country Park, Contour Survey … 122.15
Thurrock, Recent Publications from … 116.7
Tidal Defences, Millbeach to Goldhanger, Evaluation … 123.15
Tilbury Fort, Great Armade Pageant at … 102.6
Tiptree, Wilkin & Son, A Fruitful Centenary … 92.13
Tollesbury Wick Marshes, Evaluation … 123.14
Tollesbury, Tollesbury Creek … 120.10
Transactions for Sale … 111.8
Transactions of the Essex Archaeological Society, From Past … 101.8
Transcripts A Caution … 115.6
Treasure Trove. Law Commission … 102.18
Tufnell, John Jolliffe, Obituary … 110.3
University of Essex History Day Schools … 129.9
University of Essex, Local History at … 123.3
University of Essex, Weekend Residential Course … 128.9
Valence House Museum, Improvements to … 115.6
Victoria County History … 101.8, 106.5, 109.6, 112.2, 115.4, 117.7, 120.4, 121.2, 124.5, 125.3, 126.5, 128.4, 130.5
Victoria County History Committee Report … 117.7
Victoria County History Report … 119.5
Volunteer Finds Processors … 119.11
Wadhams, Mike, Obituary … 111.3
Walkers of Hanningfield … 92.16
Waltham Abbey, Abbey Gardens, Cornmill Stream Footbridge … 110.15
Waltham Abbey, RARDE Site (north) Area P Gunpowder Factory … 119.15
Waltham Abbey, Recent Excavations at … 97.4
Waltham Abbey, South site … 124.15
Waltham Abbey, The Essex Gunpowder Industry and Edge Runner Incorporating Mills … 130.10
Walton on the Naze, Visit to … 97.2
Walton's Cast Iron Roots … 97.3
Wanstead, The Lost Roman Villa at … 91.10
Warley Hospital … 130.20
Warrior Association … 95.11
Wickford, Berne Hall … 128.15
Widdington, Priors Hall, A Pre-Conquest Building … 105.15
Wills, Pilgrim Trust Grant for Essex … 92.15
Wimbish, Parsonage Farm … 123.15, 130.20
Wimbish, Tiptofts Farm, Recorded … 123.15
Witham … 93.10
Witham, 157 Newland Street … 122.15
Witham, Gravel Quarry, Watching Brief … 118.16
Witham, Mike Wadhams and Cocksmiths (22-26 Newland Street) … 111.4
Witham, Mill House, Chipping Hill … 130.19
Witham, Mill Lane … 119.15
Witham, Smallands Farm … 118.15
Woodham Walter Hall … 129.6
Woodham Walter, Excavations at, and an Assessment of Essex Enclosures (Publication) … 100.13
World War II Defences on the East Coast … 116.12, 118.8
Writtle, Birch Spring … 119.16
Writtle, Hylands House … 126.16
Writtle, Hylands Park Ice House … 128.15
Writtle, Kitts Croft … 128.15

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Essex Archaeology and History News: Contents #89-130 (3) M-S

M11 Wicken Bonhunt … 118.14
M11 Widening Scheme, Archaeological Evaluation of the Proposed … 117.13
Mabbitt, Kenneth, FSA, Death of … 107.2
Maldon Archaeological Group … 106.3
Maldon Friary … 110.13, 112.14, 113.14
Maldon Millennium Conference 1991, Battle of … 105.3, 109.4, 111.8, 112.3
Maldon Millennium Lecture Series, Battle of … 110.6
Maldon, 39 High Street … 113.14
Maldon, Elmcroft Development … 99.3
Maldon, Maldon Hall Farm … 106.9
Maldon, Mystery Pots from … 105.2
Maldon, New Friends for an Old Library. Thomas Plume's Library .., 102.11
Maldon, Origins of, Publication … 122.9
Manningtree High Street … 112.15
Mansion, The Mystery of the Missing … 92.4
Mapping Project, Essex … 129.13
Mary Rose Lecture … 91.3
Matthews, Early Career of Joachim … 93.13
Medieval Life, A New Magazine of the Middle Ages … 122.9
Mee, But Who Was? … 114.3
Members, New … 89.25, 91.17, 91.17, 92.25
Mid Anglia Conference … 112.6
Morant Dinner, 1984 … 90.3
Morant Dinner, 1985 … 93.4
Morant Dinner, 1986 … 96.1
Morant Dinner, 1990 … 109.3
Morant Dinner, 1991 … 112.2
Morant Dinner, 1992 … 115.4
Morant Lecture, 1985 … 91.3
Morant Lecture, 1986 … 95.2
Morant Lecture, 1987 … 99.1
Morant Lecture, 1988 … 103.3
Morant Lecture, 1991 … 112.6
Morant, The Omnipresent Philip Morant Connections Between Essex and Jersey … 112.10
Museums, Around the … 90.9
New Road Schemes, 1984 … 89.11
Newport … 93.10
Newport, Land adjacent to The Paragon CafĂ© … 120.11
Nonsuch Celebrations, Surrey, 1988 … 102.5
Officer Resignations … 119.4
Officers and Council … 115.3
Old Father Thames Visit … 95.4
Ongar Sewerage Scheme … 112.15
Orchard Press … 95.10
Orsett, Welling Road … 122.15
Othona, Excavations at … 117.14
Outings, Reports of … 93.4
Paleaography Course … 106.2, 110.6
Panorama Returns, Thurrock Local History Society … 113.9
Phyfe, Duncan (1768-1854) … 100.5
Pitsea Church … 93.11
Pleshey … 93.11
Pleshey Castle Watching Brief … 118.16
Pleshey Village Hall, Excavation … 100.15
Post Excavation Pottery Processing … 90.7
Prehistoric Pottery … 90.7
President, A Message from the … 100.1
President, John Appleby, Our New … 109.2
President, Our New: W R Powell … 100.1
Presidents Past and Present … 124.2
Pricklowe, The Wll of Nicholas, of Moreton, yeoman (ERO D/AEW 17/76) … 95.12
Programme Committee, Notes from the … 128.2
Programme Committee, Notes from the … 130.3
Programme for 1985 … 90.2, 91.2, 92.2
Programme for 1986 … 93.2, 94.1
Programme for 1987 … 98.1
Programme for 1988 … 102.3
Programme for 1989 … 105.3, 106.2
Programme for 1990 … 107.3, 108.2, 110.3
Programme for 1991 … 111.3
Programme for 1992 … 113.3, 114.3
Programme for 1993 … 116.2, 117.3
Programme for 1994 … 118.2
Programme for 1995 … 122.2
Programme for 1996 … 123.2
Programme for 1997 … 125.2
Publications … 105.13
Publications … 105.13, 107.12, 115.13, 123.9, 126.10
Publications Development Fund … 119.2, 124.2
Publications Development Fund 1992-1998, Paying for Essex History … 129.3
Publications Development Fund, 140th Anniversary … 120.3
Publications Development Fund, Donors to the … 117.2
Publications, New … 94.8, 100.8, 101.7, 102.9, 105.8
Purleigh, A Lost Pottery Kiln at, Rediscovered … 108.13
Quendon Park, Lost mound … 108.15
Quendon Park, Lost mound … 111.16
Rayleigh … 93.10
Rayleigh, Origins of, Publication … 118.9
Rettendon, A130 Stage II … 118.15, 119.14
Rewards of Searching in Dusty Places … 91.5
Rich, Studies of the Career of Robert … 105.6
Rivenhall Church, Investigation at, 1990 … 108.14
Rivenhall Churchyard … 130.19
Rochford and Rochford Hall … 93.10
Rochford Hall … 92.8
Rochford Hospital, Building Survey Phase II … 124.13
Rochford Hospital, Recorded … 123.15
Rochford Hundred, Getting More Out of Local History Philip Benton's History of … 112.7
Rochford, 3 East Street … 128.15
Rochford, Horners Corner … 96.6
Rochford, Millview Meadows … 118.14
Rochford, Origins of, Exhibition … 100.14, 102.13
Rochford, Origins of, Publication … 102.12
Roman Pottery … 90.8
Roxwell, Roxwell Quarry … 128.15
Roydon, Parish Registers, St Peter's Church (ERO D/P 60/1/2&3) … 91.8
Ryan, John, Death of … 130.4
Saffron Walden, 11 Park Lane … 119.14
Saffron Walden, 15 Gibson Close … 123.15
Saffron Walden, 33-35 High Street … 126.16
Saffron Walden, Fairycroft House, Excavations at, 1990 … 109.12
Saffron Walden, Friends School … 118.15
Saffron Walden, Park Lane … 124.13
Saffron Walden, Swan Meadow … 114.8
Salter, John Henry, The Good Doctor of D'Arcy … 102.19
Sampford Society … 90.4
Sandon Church, Watching Brief … 118.16
Sandon Quarry … 118.15
Scandalous Story with a Happy Ending … 117.4
Sellers, John Ezra 1923-1994, Obituary … 120.2
Shelley, Tithe Award 1837 … 128.9
Shenfield, St Marys Church extension to graveyard … 119.16
Sible Hedingham … 115.12
Sites and Monuments Record … 89.14
Sites and Monuments Record, Computerisation of the … 98.7
Smither, Philip A, Obituary … 108.2
SMR Progress and Development … 127.11
Society 100 Years Ago, The … 127.5, 128.9, 129.11
Society and County News … 90.3
Society Display, New … 124.2
Society Events … 89.2, 95.2, 96.1, 97.2
Society News … 91.3, 92.3
Society Officers … 89.25, 90.17
South Benfleet, Land to the rear of the Hoy and Helmet public house … 122.15
South East Essex Archaeological Society … 102.16
South Ockendon Hall Moat … 96.5
South Weald Camp … 111.16
Southend , Warner's Bridge … 124.13
Southend Museum Disovery Centre … 130.13
Southend Museum News … 89.15
Southend Museum, Recent Acquistion … 96.12
Southend on Sea Museum, Medieval Pilgrims Ampulla … 100.11
Southend, Fox Hall Farm … 114.7
Southend, New Record Office at … 123.8
Southend, Warner's Bridge … 124.13
Southminster Sewerage Scheme … 121.14
Spains Hall, Visit to … 92.3
Spalding, Frederick, photographs … 94.2
Sporting Essex … 112.9
Springfield Cursus … 94.11
Springfield Excavation Project … 89.8
Springfield Lyons … 93.9, 111.16
Springfield Lyons, The Bronze Age and Saxon Settlement at, An Interim Report … 100.13, 102.12
Springfield Project … 98.5
Springfield, Marconi School of Wireless, Recording … 130.20
Spy In The Sky … 116.7
St Aylott … 126.6
Stanford le Hope Pipeline… 121.14
Stansted Airport … 93.14, 94.11, 98.6
Stansted Airport Catering Site, Excavation … 100.14
Stansted Airport Expansion, Archaeology and … 90.16
Stansted Mountfitchet, Society Visit to Hole Farm and Hassobury Manor … 130.11
Stansted Project ... 96.7, 102.15, 103.9, 104.12, 105.12, 106.11
Stansted Project CIS Site (Car Park I) … 109.13
Stanway, Warrior Burial at … 116.9
Stebbing Church … 93.11
Stebbing Church, Watching Brief … 118.16
Stebbing, A Roman Mill at Blake Hall Farm … 104.13
Stebbing, Church Vestry or Chapel? … 119.9
Stebbingford … 118.13
Stock, Crondon Park … 114.8
Stondon Massey Church … 115.10
Stour Barge Restoration Project … 92.17
Stour Valley Steam, Visit to … 93.4
Strict Baptist and Calvinistic Indpendent Churches Archives … 119.9
Studies in Essex History … 113.7
Suffrage Centenary, NZ/UK New Zealand … 121.5